At St Finbar’s Catholic Primary School Sans Souci, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Mrs Susan Bonello
Mrs Susan BonelloPrincipal
I believe that the best results happen when respectful collaboration occurs. When all stakeholders take responsibility for their role and when communication is positive and solution focused.
Mr Michael Manton
Mr Michael MantonAssistant Principal & Reading Recovery Teacher
I believe that putting students at the heart of everything we do is crucial. Developing and promoting a positive and successful learning environment where students experience success is paramount.
Mrs Deborah Sheridan
Mrs Deborah SheridanReligious Education Coordinator & Classroom Teacher
The Religious Education Coordinator takes responsibility for Religious Education and the Faith life of the school community.
Mrs Julianne Huddleston
Mrs Julianne HuddlestonLiteracy Instructional Specialist and Classroom Teacher
As an Instructional Specialist, responsibility is taken for leading and developing particular curriculum areas and other school focuses.
Mrs Lynette Jackson
Mrs Lynette JacksonMathematics Coordinator & Classroom Teacher
Mrs Brenda McLean
Mrs Brenda McLeanNewman Coordinator & Classroom Teacher
Mrs Ann-Marie Avramoski
Mrs Ann-Marie AvramoskiClassroom Teacher
Mrs Gemma Cashman
Mrs Gemma CashmanClassroom Teacher
Miss Monique Teloniatis
Miss Monique TeloniatisClassroom Teacher
Miss Eleni Kondonis
Miss Eleni KondonisClassroom Teacher
Miss Teagan Lang
Miss Teagan LangClassroom Teacher
Mrs Natalie Smith
Mrs Natalie SmithClassroom Teacher
Mr Damian Hurst
Mr Damian HurstDiverse Learning Teaching
Mrs Lauren Augustus
Mrs Lauren AugustusDiverse Learning Teaching
Mrs Desiree Djundja
Mrs Desiree DjundjaCreative and Performing Arts Teacher
Mrs Julia Evans
Mrs Julia EvansCreative and Performing Arts Teacher
Mrs Ann Woodhouse
Mrs Ann WoodhouseFamily Faith Educator
Mrs Deborah Davison
Mrs Deborah DavisonOffice Administrator
Mrs Maria Nearchou
Mrs Maria NearchouLearning Support and Office Support
Mrs Kathy George
Mrs Kathy GeorgeLearning Support and Office Support
Mrs Karen Mooney
Mrs Karen MooneyLearning Support and Office Support